Exercises for Personal Transformation

30 Day Transformation Challenge

How it works:

Set a series of goals and challenges that you can apply for the next 30 days that will aid you in creating more focus, time, energy towards the positive habits you want in your life.

• Use the template below to define the elements of your 30-day transformation challenge.
• In the left-hand column, list your daily goals and the time you plan to spend on each goal.
• As you work through the next 30 days mark off your progress

x = completed
/ = missed (try to minimize these
o = advanced planning and day off (try to minimize these)

The template is pre-populated with some suggestions which you can adjust in the PPT file.

You can download a PPT file (editable) and a PDF (editable).

Let us know about your progress.
You can email: kyle.hermans@becourageousinnovation.com

You can use the following hashtags if you will post on social: #becourageous #30daychallenge